If you manage returns, samples and mislabelled products responsibly, you can squeeze out more profits and minimise wasteful use of Earth's life-giving resources. Premere Recovery Line by Mastec Packaging has both the gentle touch and the muscle to get the most out of products and packaging.

Save fresh food and recycle more effectively

There are many ways of effectively recycling food and packaging, but to ensure a sustainable process, the separation procedure has to be efficient. Our solution removes up to 99.5 percent of the liquid from the packaging and produces clean raw materials that are ready to be recycled for various purposes.

The Premere Recovery Line is a two-step process. First, the packaging is carefully opened in the white zone and emptied of its contents. These are re-used as animal foodstuff or are anaerobically digested to produce biogas for use as a valuable fuel. The second step involves squeezing the last drops of liquid out of the packaging through the application of high pressure. The packaging is then shredded and either made into new cardboard or used as fuel at co-generation facilities.