Mastec continues to invest


The Mastec Group now offers hard anodising up to 45 my thickness. In addition to natural color, we also offer black, green, blue and red hard anodising. We offer 5 days leadtime and we have around 98% delivery precision. The bath size is 2100 x 55 (Width) x 950 (Depth) mm. Please contact for any enquiries.

About Mastec Mastec AB is a privately owned group with a number of plants in southern Sweden and Poland. Mastec acts as subcontractor and a partner in major industrial projects from idea and product development to series production and assembly. We offer cutting machining in metal and plastic, advanced welding and bending of sheet metal, but also surface treatment and injection molding of plastic. We are a key supplier to several of some of the the largest and most interesting new companies in Sweden and our aim is to continue to be that. Henrik Carlsson Chief Executive Officer Mastec Group +46 10 218 10 03